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DAHWUL ARDH – 25TH ZILQ’AD [sun 21st sept 2014] – The Day when The Earth was Spread for the benefit of Mankind

Almighty Allah in Surat al-Nazi’aat 79:30 to 33

And the earth, He expanded it after that. He brought forth from it its water and its pasturage.

And the mountains, He made them firm. A provision for you and for your cattle.

what is Dahwul Ardh?

The phrase “Dahwul Ardh” literally means “The spread of the earth”

The day when the earth was spread for the benefit of mankind

In another tradition it is reported from our Prophet pbuh that

The first Rahmah & blessing from Allah swt descended on this very day

It is also reported on the authority of Imam Ali bin Moosa Ar Raza (A.S.) that

On that day the two distinguished Prophets of Allah

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Prophet Isa (A.S.) were born

Hence an important Day indeed for acceptance of our Hajaats

This day is one of those four days, which are distinguished for the excellence of fasting.

According to a tradition of the Holy Prophet (s):

Whosoever fasts on this day, his fast would equal 70 years of fasting.

Many a’amaal of this day have also been mentioned in various books.

How is Dahwul Ardh applicable in the present era & how must we celebrate it?

Islam was not revealed for a certain time and to a particular people. It’s laws and teachings apply for all ages to come.

We should try to appreciate this vital truth and behold the “universality” of the religious teachings.

Our duty in every age when this Earth Day is celebrated should be to

Ponder over this God-given blessings, The reason why it was created,

Whether it is utilized for the purpose it was created for,

The crisis it faces at present, The remedy for such crisis, etc.

This would really make the celebration a celebration of true faith and concern,

and a celebration of thanking the All-Merciful Creator who created the world for man’s good.

Why is the earth created?

The earth is created as a preparing ground & means for human perfection and

to understand the purity of the heart and soul.

And in chapter 7, verse 10, Almighty Allah says:

“Indeed We made you to live in the earth and made therein for you the means of livelihood;

(but) little is it that you thank.”

In this verse, “little is it that you thank” should not merely be taken as “verbal thanks,”
the reality of “shukr” is to use the gift for the purpose it was created.

May this day bring Peace, Happiness and Prosperity in Your Lives.

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News of Death – Marhuma Kaniz Khatoon Kaba

18th September 2014

Marhuma Kaniz Khatoon Kaba

إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ

‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and to Him do we indeed return.’

[Holy Qur'an; Al-Baqarah: 56]

Dear Mu’mineen

Salamun Alaykum,

It is with sadness that we are informing you of the passing away of Marhuma Kaniz Khatoon (Wife of Br. Mehdi Hasan Kaba) yesterday in London. Marhuma was the relative of Sister NasimBai Kaba & KaneezBai Kaba and also Gulambhai Kaba & Amirbhai Kaba. Marhuma was also the aunt of Br. Kumayl Kaba & Bilal Kaba.

Namaaz e Mayyyit will be held inshaallah tomorrow (19 September 2014) at Peterborough Mosque after Zohrain Namaz. Please listen to Peterborough ansaphone on (+44(0)1733 566024)

May Allah (SWT) grant the family Sabr-e-Jameel to bear this loss and may He (SWT) grant the Marhuma Rahmat, Maghferat and a lofty station with the Holy Ma’sumeen (as). Please remember Marhuma by reciting Sura Fateha and Salatul Wahshat or Hadiya-e-Mayyit tomorrow after Maghribain Salaat.

In the first Raka’at, after reciting Surah al-Hamd, Ayatul Kursi should be recited once and in the second Raka’at, Surah al-Qadr should be recited 10 times after Surah-al-Hamd.

Namaz-e-Haddiye Mayyit:
In the first Raka’at, after reciting Surah al-Hamd, Surah Qadr should be recited. In the second Raka’at, after Surah al-Hamd recite Surah Kawther.

With Du’as

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Commentary on Nahjul Balagha by Sheikh Ja’far Ladak at Hyderi on Thursday’s

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Sheikh Ja’far Ladak shall insha’Allah be starting a series of commentary on Thursday night’s (Jume Raat) at Hyderi Islamic Centre focusing on the sermon’s of Nahjul Balagha. These shall insha’Allah continue through until Muharram.

We encourage all attendees to bring their own copy of what is known as the peak of eloquence, whether it be hard printed copy or an e-version on a tablet. Please also ensure to bring in paper and pen to maximize the learnings and benefits of these sessions insha’Allah.