Monday 30th May 2016 / 23rd Sha'ban 1437
26 Estreham Road. Streatham, London, SW16 5PQ
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0208 769 7553
Imsaak 2:30
Fajr 2:40
Sunrise 4:51
Dhohr 12:58
Sunset 9:06
Maghrib 9:21

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Advice to maximise the spirit of 15th Sha’baan by Sheikh Jaffer Ladak

In the Name of Allah, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful

According to many narrations, the 15th night of Sha’baan, known as Layl-atul-Baraa’a, is one of the most powerful nights in the Islamic calendar.

The month of Sha’baan is part of a three month long trajectory of spirituality; a banquet of opportunity to benefit in the blessings of personal development and self-realisation.  This period gifted by Allah swt starts with the month of

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Interfaith Class Series

Special Bi-Monthly Interfaith Class Series

Hyderi Islamic Centre and Streatham Central Church have partnered together to engage as communities, create a platform for dialogue and sharing in each others’ rich traditions.

Join Pastor Alex Lyell and Sheikh Jaffer Ladak as they present the following topics:

•   Oneness of God (22nd May 2016)

•   Who is Jesus? (24th July 2016)

•   Purpose of creation

•   Prophethood and Prophet Muhammad

•   Quran and Bible

•   End times theology

•   Sharia Law/Gods law

•  Psalms and...

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Understanding Prevent

Following the presentation on understanding Prevent at the centre, the presentation can be downloaded here: Understanding ‘Prevent’

The main focus for this discussion was to inform the community of this legislation, and to encourage and promote proactive communication and dialogue with your child’s school and other relevant institutions to ensure there is clarity on religious practice. Where possible, the jamaat shall provide guidance that can be shared with these bodies.

Please do contact the managing committee...

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Hadith of the Day

"Verily, God has weaned (fatama in Arabic) my daughter Fatima and her children and those who love them from the Hellfire, and that is why she is named Fatima."

- The Holy Prophet [s] said


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