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Fitra and Fidya Rates 1434 AH – For UK and Europe ONLY

According to the Shariah, Fitra becomes incumbent when the new moon of Shawwal is sighted. This is known as Zakat of Fitra, which is Wajib on every Baligh person.

As per law 1999 of Ayatullah Seestani’s ‘Islamic laws’: “At the time of sunset on Eid ul Fitr, whoever is adult and sane and is neither unconscious, nor poor, or the slave of another, he should give, on his own behalf as well as on behalf of all those who are his dependents, about three kilos per head of wheat or barley or dates or raisins or rice of millet etc. It is also sufficient if he pays the price of one of these items in case”

Therefore, in principle, the Fitra is on staple food. We would recommend that one person’s Fitra may be:

For UK may be For Europe it may be equivalent to For Scandinavia it may be equivalent to
Wheat GBP£3.00 Euro 3.5 SEK 31.00
Rice GBP£5.00 Euro 5.80 SEK 52.00

Please note that this is based on average calculations of costs and if momineen use other staple food or expensive brands, then they need to undertake their own calculations.

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Managing Committee 2014-2016

Following the recently concluded Annual General Meeting held on Sat 14 June 2014, the following
managing trustees were elected to serve for a period of 2 years.

President: Dr. Sarfraz Jeraj
Vice President: Abbas Datoo
Secretary: Aqeel Noorali
Assistant Secretary: Mohsin Asharia
Treasurer: Hafiz Kermali
Assistant Treasurer: Shabbar Kassam
Mukhi: Abdulhusain Manekia
Assistant Mukhi: Hasnain Dewji

Elected Committee Member:
Mariam Hassam
Elected Committee Member: Abbas Kara
Nominated Committee Member: Esmat Jeraj
Nominated Committee Member: Sofia Dewji

We would like to thank the outgoing committee for all of their hard work and efforts. Insha’Allah with the communities support we shall be able to further develop and strengthen our institution.