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CoEJ Eid Card Competition 2014 – Deadline: Tuesday 22nd July 2014


CoEJ is pleased to announce that the annual Eid card competition is back again this year!

This year, competitors will be designing a fantastic front cover and a poem as a message for the inside of the card.

If you are between 5 and 12 years of age, and are a budding artist, designer, poet, or just want to give it a go, submit your entry to us either by email or by post using the details at the bottom of the article.

There are cash prizes to be won, so make sure your entry is the best and convince all your friends and family to participate!

Deadline: Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Ramadhan 1435: Month of the Qur’an

ramadhan crescent

“Such are the parables that We put forward to mankind that they may reflect.” [The Holy Qur'an, 59:21]

Ramadhan is known as the month of the Holy Qur’an – not only as this was the month in which the Holy scripture was revealed, but because this is a time for spiritual reflection and purification of the soul.

So this Ramadhan, let us set ourselves a new challenge and look into the Holy Qur’an.

With this in mind…

Hyderi Islamic Centre is pleased to launch the Ramadhan 1435 Qur’an Quiz.

There are three categories from which winners shall be chosen and presented with a special prize.

1) Under 18
2) Male 18+
3) Female 18+

All are welcome to submit entries – this can be done at the desks at either side or by emailing

Deadline for submissions is Friday 25th July 2014.

The results shall be announced at the Eid Programme on the evening of Wednesday 30th July 2014.

To download the quiz click on this link Quran Quiz Ramadhan 2014

Hyderi Islamic School is pleased to launch the 30th Juz Challenge.

(Open to all ages for men, women & children)

All you have to do is:

  1. Memorise Sura numbers, names and meaning of the names from the 30th Chapter of the Holy Qur’an (Sura Naba – The News, 78 till Sura Naas – The Mankind, 114)
  2. Memorise the last fourteen sura’s. (Al Qariah, 101 till An-Naas, 114)
  3. Summarise the meanings of the above (2) mentioned suras. You can use this link as a resource.

Participants shall be tested on Monday 28th July, at Hyderi Islamic Centre between 7-8pm.

A token of appreciation will be awarded to all participants. You may register at either desk or email

“This is a Book we have revealed unto you, O Muhammad, in order that you may lead mankind out of darkness into the light.” [The Holy Qur'an, 14:1]