Sunday 29th November 2015 / 16th Safar 1437
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Zainabiyya Alliance for Refugees

Zainabiyya Alliance of Refugees is a group of organisations from around Europe (including CoEJ & World Federation) who have joined hands to work together and help the refugee crises. Volunteers will be sent every few weeks to Greece to help in giving aid.

For more information on how you can help, please visit

It is aimed that the first group will go on 4th Dec for 2 weeks. You can find the a volunteer registration form...

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Prayers for Peace Event

prayers for peace


On Sunday 15th November representatives from a number of different faiths gathered at Hyderi Islamic Centre for prayers for peace (particularly poignant in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris, Beirut and other parts of the world) and to promote conversations amongst individuals.

We were delighted to see strong representation from all communities, and it was truly remarkable to have prayers for all different beliefs led within the Islamic...

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Statement from Hyderi Islamic Centre

Hyderi Islamic Centre has joined a number of British Muslim communities in signing a statement of solidarity in response to the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday. This statement can be found here.

The Holy Qur’an teaches us that the taking of one life is equivalent to the murder of all mankind. There is no justification for such acts of barbarity, and we once again reiterate the teaching of Imam Ali (as): ‘A person is...

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Hadith of the Day

The verses of the Quran are treasures, and every time a treasure is opened up, it is desirable that you look at what is inside it.

- Imam Ali ibne al-Husain [a] said


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