Friday 20th May 2022
6 Pioneer Place, Croydon CR0 9AW
Registered Charity No 287686
Ans: 0208 769 0046
Tel: 0208 769 7553
Imsaak 2:49
Fajr 2:59
Sunrise 5:02
Dhohr 12:57
Sunset 8:53
Maghrib 9:08




Overall in Charge: The President Dr Liaket Dewji.

For any issues, first please contact the relevant Head of the Subcommittee, if not satisfied, contact the MC coordinator of that Subcommittee. You may take your complaints to PR Heads, Riyaz Datoo, who will raise your concern at the next MC meeting or with the President.


Head of Ladies: TBA
MC coordinators: Dr Liaket Dewji/Gulzar Dewji

Head of Nursery: Rozila Master
MC coordinator: Salim Master

Majlis Recitors booking: Dr Liaket Dewji/Abbas Panjvani/Zishaan Molidina

Head of Madressa: Shabniz Kaba
MC coordinator: Mariam Hassam

Head of Seniors: Zeenat Visanji (Ladies) Gents TBA
MC coordinator: Aliraza Janmohamed

Head of Burial: Zulfikar Kassam
MC coordinator: Baker Alidina

Welfare: Dr Liaket Dewji, Salim Master, Neil Nasser

Head of Youths: TBC (For Ladies & Gents)
MC coordinator: Murtaza Kermali, Zishaan Moledina, Mariam Hassam

Front desks: MC coordinators: Salim Master, & Gulzar Dewji

Head of Sports: Hasnain Khakhi (Gents) Shyrose Asharia
MC coordinator: Abbas Panjvani (Gents), Mariam Hassam (Ladies)

Head of Public Relation: Riyaz Datoo, TBA

Head of Maintenance: Asgar Molu
MC coordinator: Dr Liaket Dewji

Head of Kitchen: Gulam Kaba
MC coordinator: Abbas Panjvani

Head of IT/Website: Hasnain Khakhi
MC coordinators: Dr Liaket Dewji, Dr Mohsin Asharia

Head of Sound room: Hasnain Khakhi
MC coordinator: Neil Nasser

Head of Matrimonial: Tasleema Walji, Ali Janmohammad, and Sabira Janmohammad.
MC coordinator: Gulzar Dewji

Head of Children’s Majlis: Fatim Kanji & Sajeda Hassam
MC coordinator: Dr Liaket Dewji

Tuition classes: Dr Liaket Dewji

Interfaith: Rizwan Alibhai
MC coordinator: Neil Nasser

Weekly Newsletter: Dr Mohsin Asharia

External Affairs: Mohamed Dawood
MC coordinators: Mariam Hassam, Dr Liaket Dewji

A’maals, Tabut & Duas: Zishaan Moledina and Zeenat Visanji

CR team: Baker Alidina

Hall booking: Asgar Molu

Announcements: Gulam Alidina, Abbas Panjvani, Murtaza Kermali