Thursday 08th April Interactive Session with Father Christopher Clohessey and Syed Ammar at Hyderi Estreham Road, Streatham
Please complete this form if you wish to attend the above programme.
Program will begin at 7:57PM with Salaat.

šš„š…šŽš‘š„ š…šˆš‹š‹šˆšš† š“š‡š„ š…šŽš‘šŒ, šš‹š„š€š’š„ š‘š„š€šƒ šˆšŒššŽš‘š“š€šš“ šˆšš…šŽš‘šŒš€š“šˆšŽš šš„š‹šŽš–:

Open to all adults, men and women over 12 years old.
Under 12 can attend and do not need to register.

š‚š‡šˆš‹šƒš‘š„š š”ššƒš„š‘ šŸ“ šŒš”š’š“ šš„ šˆš š‚š‡šˆš‹šƒš‘š„š š‡š€š‹š‹ š–šˆš“š‡ šŽšš„ šŽš… š“š‡š„ šš€š‘š„šš“š’ š€š“ š€š‹š‹ š“šˆšŒš„š’.
š‚š‡šˆš‹šƒš‘š„š šŽš•š„š‘ šŸ“ š‚š€š šš„ š–šˆš“š‡ šŽšš„ šŽš… š“š‡š„ šš€š‘š„šš“š’ šˆš š“š‡š„ šŒš€šˆš š‡š€š‹š‹.

You must submit one registration form per individual wishing to attend (for over 12 years old).

šš‹š„š€š’š„ š€š’š’š”šŒš„ š“š‡š€š“ š˜šŽš”š‘ š‘š„š†šˆš’š“š‘š€š“šˆšŽš šˆš’ š‚šŽšš…šˆš‘šŒš„šƒ šŽšš‚š„ š˜šŽš” š‡š€š•š„ š…šˆš‹š‹š„šƒ šˆš š€ššƒ š’š”ššŒšˆš“š“š„šƒ š“š‡š„ š…šŽš‘šŒ.

You will receive a copy of your response on submitting this form. Please note this may appear in your junk mail folder.

š–š„ š–šˆš‹š‹ šŽšš‹š˜ š‚šŽšš“š€š‚š“ š˜šŽš” šˆš… š–š„ š–š„š‘š„ š”šš€šš‹š„ š“šŽ š€š‚š‚šŽšŒšŽšƒš€š“š„ š˜šŽš”š‘ šš‹š€š‚š„.

Social distancing rules apply. Please wear a mask at all times.
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